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Being from a large family has always been a blast for me! My parents love having people over, so growing up I have enjoyed the company and fellowship of many wonderful friends and families.I am grateful to God for giving me a wonderful, godly, loving dad.In between takes, Kristen, 27, and Zachary, 30, huddled together to look at pictures on his digital camera.Zachary was also seen primping himself in front of a portable mirror held up by a production assistant.Fans were obsessed with his relationship with Baby Ariel until they publicly announced their breakup last July.

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The next day, David flees to Mexico with ,000 and takes the cover name "Michael Mc Kinney", which is the name of a friend of Steve's.

I was born and raised here in the beautiful city of San Antonio.

I am the second oldest of eight children and have had the blessing of being home schooled my entire life.

While his first three singles were total JAMS, his newest song, “Odd Petals,” (which dropped YESTERDAY) just might be his best (and for sure his most romantic) one yet. A couple of weeks ago, fans started to piece together evidence that seemingly proved there was a romance brewing between the 16-year-old and fellow star, Daniella Perkins. Key words here: “official,” “out there,” and “yet.” WINK WINK WINK!

Instead of continuing to question the teens’ relationship status, we decided to go straight to the source. This isn’t the first time the teen’s dating life has been at the center of conversation.


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