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With evidence invalidating

So, we are asking for your help in changing the dynamic and leveling the playing field between patent trolls and innovative companies.Cloudflare is committing up to ,000 to support a search for prior art that can be used to invalidate all patents held by Blackbird Tech.It is enough that there is evidence that the innovation was publicly known or in use at any point when or before the patent application was filed.Though certainly the more formal and specific the prior art, the better.

How best to proceed will depend on: a) your budget and commercial goals – does the patent or patent application really impede your business?

(In addition to traditional marks, such as words and logos, China currently permits applications to register colours and 3D shapes as trade marks.) Multi-class applications will be allowed, which should significantly reduce filing and prosecution costs.

There will be a time limit (of between 9 to 18 months) placed on the Trade Marks Office (TMO) for examining trade mark applications, and on Trade Marks Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) for reviewing appeals to the refusal of trade mark applications and considering oppositions.

Prior art is any evidence that a patented invention was already known at the time the patent application was filed.

Prior art can be but does not need to be a competing patent, it does not necessarily need to exist physically or be commercially available.


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