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Who is selena gomez dating november 2016

She’s genuinely passionate about 13 Reasons Why and she believes in the message behind the show. She is very busy, so my interactions with her during filming were limited, but her generosity and passion are very alive in the project, and that was really important to a lot of us!

Tommy: Selena was, and is, a huge inspiration for me.

But that was all so long ago—a whirlwind few years.

With that relationship now in the past, who is Selena Gomez dating now?

She challenges me to be more truthful both on set and off.

Her courage encouraged me to be open publicly about my own issues with mental health and addiction, knowing that being open about that might help someone else.

The pair called it quits all the way back in late 2012, with Gomez being the one who called things off, which must have been quite a relief for her, given how much she was harassed by Bieber’s young female fan base.

The pair were spotted together as early as November 2010, but didn’t publicly confirm they were together until February 2011.

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Can you believe it’s been over three years since Selena Gomez ended her relationship with Justin Bieber?

Gomez embarked on her Stars Dance Tour (2013), though the later part was canceled due to her personal and medical struggles.

Selena Gomez found herself in a war of words with ex-boyfriend Justin ....

Back in November, Selena Gomez sparked rumors of a possible romance, when she and Krost were seen getting extremely cozy with one another at celebrity hotspot Cipriani’s in New York City.

In photos of the pair at the time, Selena Gomez sat in Krost’s lap as she joked, smiled, and gazed lovingly into his eyes.


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