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Updating old painted cabinets

This option works well with existing wood cabinets.It's more labor intensive and requires some DIY skills on the homeowner's part, but it can be done at low cost—possibly over a weekend, depending on how many cabinets are involved.When Meg first scoped out this kitchen emergency, she found an out-of-order cooking space in desperate need of a remodel.Turns out the Chicago family of four had plans for an overhaul, but projects in other parts of the house demanded their attention—and their budget—so their reno dreams were put on hold. Meg didn’t tear out a single wall, but it sure feels like she did! Meg prefers to mix styles and materials, so she pulled up a pair of cane-back wood chairs and upholstered benches to a painted metal table.I knew every house that was for sale, the square footage, the acreage, the sales price. So, this new house has a great layout, beautiful property and gorgeous floors. We need to add another coat of paint, and some protective wax. This is a custom color we mixed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. We built the additional cabinetry around the refrigerator and added storage above.

Painted cabinets are ruling Pinterest these days, since intrepid DIYers love the idea of updating their kitchens with only a few coats of a new color.

It has held up so well, and it is so easy to wipe down the table!

To apply the paint, I used a brush for the crevices and a roller for the flatter areas.

Because what once was hung up will need to go back in the same place, it's worth using numbered labels to help you remember where everything goes.

Whether you bought a home with old kitchen cabinets in need of an update or you're looking for a change in your current home's kitchen, there are many affordable options to update your look without purchasing brand new cabinets.


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