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Updatepanel onupdating event

As shown in the code above, we first get a reference to the Page Request Manager and then wire up the initialize Request and end Request events to execute, when an async postback begins and ends respectively.

Let us see how to use some events of this class to display progress to the user while the Update Panel updates its contents. As for the event, framework does not provide a event that launches for each updatepanel update :). Update() method could fired from every where like Master Page and ... Be warned that the Requires Update proeprty returns false when you set Conditional Update Mode and postback caused by Update Panel's child control which isn't added to Triggers collection. It is you who will decide when the updatepanel2 will update so it will be you specifying the code to add controls dynamically.Within the Item Template I have an Image Buttong with a Command Name of "Edit".This works as expected and I can put a breakpoint in the Row Command event handler to see the "Event" command name.All the animations and their properties are described in the Animation Reference.would cause the function alert() to run every time the Update Panel returns from the button click. The build I'm using is stable enough to put upgrading on a back burner for the near term...Currently I am using AJAX panel animation fade in/fade out, to make the panel disappear while calculating and then reappear when done. this is the code of my panel: Where to add this is a good question; especially when dealing with complex pages performing multiple ajax requests.The JS function to run is dependent on the server side processing and its result. Get Type(), "temp", "", false); The problem could be the fact that you are using this instead of this. Please let us know if this solution worked for you or if you had to tweak it more.In the On Click event handler of the button, as last line, I have: Hi, You should call the method in this way: Script Manager. Thanks, Brendan Thanks for this code, it works for me, except that the progress bar ("Updating...") is still showing while the alert box already says "Transactio Completed". Also, what does add Script Tags parameter indicates on Script Manager.


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