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If you have more than one bonus in the queue the oldest bonus will be activated first.

If you still need to complete the playthrough of your active bonus, but you would like to use a bonus in the queue, you have the option to cancel your active bonus in the section 'Current bonus'.

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How money is deducted from balances While you are playing, funds are deducted from your balance in the following order: 1. Bonus funds (the original bonus credited to your account).

Bonus winnings (which consist of any winnings gained since your bonus became active). How to activate a queued bonus Once you have completed the playthrough (see below) of your active bonus, and you have a bonus in the queue, your bonus balance will be automatically updated with your new bonus.

As guests proceed through the queue area, they can hear a music box play strange, creepy music.

The validity of bonuses Bonuses on Casino777 - unless otherwise stated on the promotional page, SMS, email etc.

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How bonuses work Casino777 offers players a wide range of bonus promotions. How to claim a bonus You can claim a bonus via the section 'Claim a bonus' in the Bonus account. Before a bonus becomes active you need to claim it via the section 'Claim a bonus'.

He played Wat in 2001's A Knight's Tale, Steve the Pirate in the 2004 comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and the emotional robot Sonny in I, Robot.

In 2005, he reprised his role as the playful, easy-going Hoban "Wash" Washburne in the film Serenity, derived from the cult television series Firefly by Joss Whedon.


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