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Despite the endurance trait of the race, each year around 800 runners take part in this unique event to cross the finish line at the beachfront and earn the honour of being able to say that they completed The Warriors Run.

Indeed, in 2016, all competitors across the finish line, were handsomely rewarded with a beautiful bespoke medal to celebrate their achievement.

Once received, applications are processed by the Admissions offices of IT Sligo.

Applications are then forwarded to the relevant Course Co-ordinator for the programme in IT Sligo for assessment in accordance with entry requirements for the course.

Later, in the eve of the show's first full-length run in London, Flatley learned he had been replaced by the show producers due to conflicts over creative control. The producers refused his terms, so he refused to perform, and then the producers, according to the producers, replaced him with Colin Dunne at the last minute.

Dunne was already employed by the producers for other skits below the feature and finale.

She also advises on Defamation, Equity Litigation and Debt Collection for both Private and Corporate clients Caroline served her traineeship with Damien Tansey & Associates (now Callan Tansey Solicitors) after joining the firm in April, 2004. Caroline is a former Secretary of the Sligo Solicitors Bar Association.

Caroline is an External Examiner for Letterkenny Institute of Technology on various Law Modules.

Michael Ryan Flatley (born July 16, 1958) is an American dancer, choreographer, and musician.

These six kilometres include a 700 foot climb through fields, loose gravel, unsurfaced and heather paths.

At its steepest incline on the way up, even the most professional athlete slows to a walk and then brace themselves to face the equally daunting downhill run, back down the often slippery slopes, even in the driest of weather.


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