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The market for self-quantification really exploded this year, which means there are loads more biohacking apps than you could ever dream of.Some are great, while others are crappy and a huge waste of your time. Some of my favorites below, like Quantified Mind, even let you test which smart drugs work best for you – and Bulletproof Coffee too, for that matter.These biohacker apps and web tools can help you quantify or improve just about anything you can think of: logging your food, tracking your sleep, managing your stress, and upgrading your brain. Two of them I designed specifically to help you measure, understand, and then improve your body’s response to what you do and eat: Stress Detective and Food Detective on i OS or Food Detective on Android.

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We can use tracking for anything that we want to see improvements in. Has several partner sites, including Spark Recipes, Spark People Mobile, daily Spark, Spark America, Spark Savings, Baby Fit, and SPARKteens.

This is quantification.(The list is focused purely on quantifying – data gathering – tools.

Online calorie counter and diet journal allowing you to track diet and nutrition as well as the number of calories burned from various activities.

Let’s get on with it: We shouldn’t be aiming for perpetually high HRV, because that would mean we were never encountering any stressors. We couldn’t lift heavy things or sprint (not even once in awhile). We’d never have anything to recover from and improve upon.

But after these stressful events that tax our bodies, throw us out of homeostasis, and bias us toward the sympathetic nervous system, we must rest in order to restore our HRV. And remember – you don’t just need to rest after a hard workout.


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