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Schwinn serial dating

The Paramount serial numbers (1970 - 1979)included a production month letter followed by twonumbers indicating production year (79 = 1970, etc.). WTB: Nothing, unless it's a real cheap local survivor score!The sequence was changed in 1981 when facilities weremoved to Wisconsin, to include the letter "W" followedby a production month letter and several numbers, thefirst two signifying year of production (81 = 1981, etc.). Le Tour (and Super Le Tour)numbers (1978- on) include the letter "S"with year of production (8 = 1978, 0 = 1980). Sting 20" racing bikes have aproduction month letter "T" signifying that it is a tri-ovalframe (with three frame tube ends ovalized). Imported Schwinn serial sequences depend upon countryof origin. "BICYCLING DON'TS: Stunting, doing wheelies, or 'dirt biking' places stresses on bicycles far above design intentions.Initially, the manufacturing focus was on car parts, including gas tanks and fenders. In the 1930s, Murray started making bicycles, aimed primarily at the U. Murray undercut competitors' prices and sold millions of bikes through department stores such as Sears. Bike manufacturers in general were battling declining sales during the 1980s.Murray's solution to this problem was to mass-produce bicycles cheaply and sell them through big-box discount stores.Gene from web site provided this great info on figuring out your old trusty Schwinn; Schwinn Bike Dating After 1965, Schwinn serial number sequences, while appearing to beconfusing on first sight, follow several general rules.If thefirst letter is a "A" through "M" it refers to production month("A" = January, "B" = February, etc.).Notes: This tool works for Schwinn bikes from 1948 to 1982.

The English company Tomkins bought out Murray in 1988.

of build 1 thru 365, the 4th (last digit) is the last number in the year. If you are not sure which decade the bike is from, check the parts and graphics on the bike to the pictures in the catalog pages.

This tool searches a database of Schwinn serial numbers and if it finds a match to your serial number then it will display the information available for your bike.

These bikes feature a radical “Y” frame design and even the crank is curved.

This bike was restored from a complete original but the paint scheme is not entirely correct although the colors are…


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