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He nabbed a deserved first Oscar nomination as an earnestly dedicated but self-destructive schoolteacher in “Half Nelson”; he was robbed of a second for his finest screen work to date in “Blue Valentine,” a wrenching study in unsustainable artistry and emotional wreckage that one could view as a rawer blueprint for his characterization in “La La Land.” These breakthroughs merely built on the gangly, riveting angst he had demonstrated in such youthful showcases as Henry Bean’s making-of-a-terrorist drama “The Believer” in 2001.Stone got her official stamp of approval as a “serious actress” last year with a supporting Oscar nod for her work as Michael Keaton’s bristling daughter in “Birdman” — earned principally with a hot hairdryer blast of a monologue directed against her father, detailing his manifold failings with merciless economy.

'If I'm still acting at 46, I'll be surprised,' Ryan Gosling says in his soft Brooklyn accent, which sometimes makes him sound like he is chewing a small potato. Beneath that silken cool-cat exterior, I catch a small flash of the foxy, radar-jamming contrarianism that has got him where he is today.“The 42-year-old actress looked happy and relaxed as she strolled along the busy road, looking casual-chic in a navy ensemble.” While she probably knows all about the undeniable onscreen chemistry that her baby daddy has with the actress, it’s highly likely that she isn’t very concerned about it — Eva might have already sealed the deal with Ryan!“The super gorgeous and super private Hollywood couple hides everything, including Eva’s pregnancies, from the public eye,” reports .Ryan Gosling is about to take Toronto International Film Festival by storm with his performance with Emma Stone in , a movie where Ryan became known as a comedic actor and that put Emma on the map in Hollywood.In a recent interview, the director of the popular romantic comedy spoke about how Emma Stone was perfect for the role opposite Ryan Gosling. “When Emma came in, she sat down, she was ready to go; Ryan walked in, immediately flubbed his first line, and she just laid into him, like, “Oh, you’re killing this buddy.” She was the only one not to be intimidated by him.” He also confirmed that their palpable onscreen chemistry also in real life. He even has relocated Eva Mendes and his two baby girls to Budapest so that they can all be together during his shooting.As we reported a few hours ago, a massive fuck up happened at the Oscars as the wrong movie was read out as the winner of the Academy Award's coveted Best Picture.Legendary actor Warren Beatty was tasked with presenting the main event and announced that the winner was the highly-tipped blockbuster La La Land.It was good, gutsy stuff, but those who thought it a step up for her had perhaps undervalued the detail and layering of her earlier comic work.Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling just had their second baby together, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any rumors brewing.And he did it again this weekend at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. When Gosling won a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy/musical this January, he managed to avoid the word “Eva”—even though his acceptance speech was dedicated to her. I loved when she said it, because it's funny enough to have some truth to it, you know?


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