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Redmine git repository not updating

So I want a very simple git script to update my repository on github via cron every 10 minutes, so that my bug tracking system can pick up those changes.

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of running a periodic cron job for all git repository mirrors.It doesn't explain why Redmine's not seeing any changes more recent than 22d ago.Redmine calls "git log --all --since='YYYY-MM-DD'" to fetch new source:1.1.2/lib/redmine/scm/adapters/git_adapter.rb#L114 .The bare clone works just fine, and when we go into the issue tracker we can easily see all the commits. You could use reset if you specify the work tree and the git repo.I have used this approach before on other projects and it works completely, in fact I used this approach as a template from a previous project. That's an alternative to setting the environment variables.At Toshi's request I tried adding other branches - made no difference.- Actually, the latest commit in our DB is 22d ago.All that code seems to do is make Redmine look for newly inserted commits up to 22 7=29d ago.If latest changeset in your database is "2011-03-30", Redmine calls "git log --all --since='2011-03-23'". Web service for repositories must by activated in the Administration menu (Administration - Settings - Repositories - Enable WS for repository management) and the generated API key (referred to "your service key" in the following documentation) will have to be used by the caller in Step 2. Notes from that ticket: - It's a bare repo.- Originally had no non-master branches. I had originally created ticket #8049 for this; that has a bit more discussion/detail.


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