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Novak djokovic and caroline wozniacki dating

"I just think the longer these interviews go – I mean, maybe that’s why at Wimbledon they have them long, because you get to see more of a person’s personality, like the realness start creeping in," she said."I don’t know.

Yeah, this is getting – I can’t answer that question. After hiding her face for several seconds, Serena looked at the Wimbledon official acting as the news conference moderator in hope that he would call a halt. " Serena quickly responded: "Non-personality questions, please," before dissolving into a fit of giggles.

(The Celts had played the Heat the night before and Lee evidently stuck around another day.) Page Six disappointingly, and very un-Page-Six-like, reports the two had met the night before which is sort of weird because every time I go to a party at the Versace Mansion I usually bring a woman whom I’ve known for at 48 hours. ) is averaging 6.6 ppg for the surprise Celtics, who currently are eighth in the Eastern Conference.

The two-time All Star was a member of last year’s title-winning Golden State team but was traded in the offseason due to his pricey contract.

“He told me about Fit Line, so I checked it out.” Wozniacki credits the all-natural food supplement–she’s partial to the orange flavor–with helping her lose weight and feel better on the court….. “I take it in the morning instead of a coffee,” she said.

Oliver Brown Caroline Wozniacki might uncharitably be described as the big girl for the small occasion.

It was the question about Wozniacki, the Dane who spent time with Williams in Miami following her recent split with golfer Rory Mc Ilroy, that proved the final straw.

I’m trying to figure out when this is going to end. "When the next question focused on whether she agreed with Novak Djokovic that tennis lacks charismatic personalties, Serena finally cracked.

“Rory too,” she said, referring to her boyfriend Rory Mc Ilroy, the world’s No.

“I went to Novak [Djokovic] and asked him what kind of supplements he was taking,” she said Wednesday at the U. “It gives me the same kind of energy.” Even her boyfriend got in on the action.

But the 32-year-old American appeared slightly irritable from the moment she arrived to meet the world’s press after her victory on Court One.

Williams responded in a subdued manner to inquiries about her performance and was then quizzed on a variety of non-match related subjects, including her friendship with fellow women’s player Caroline Wozniacki, whether she would like to play mixed doubles with Rafael Nadal, if tennis should be played without umpires and the prospects of the United States at the World Cup.


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