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D: So in theory, more modest android boobs would’ve made GHOST IN THE SHELL a superior movie? M: TOMB RAIDER has actually been remade featuring a Lara Croft that looks human, yes. Kusanagi was just always naked, she scales buildings naked, she’s in the incubator naked, at one point she loses all her clothes in a battle, she’s naked on the cover.

M: Well, it’s way more relatable, but more than that it’s an acknowledgement that women can be badasses too without being hyper-sexualized. M: I did really like Lisa, but remember the whole scene where they wanted her and Rick to kiss? Why can’t she be badass without having to be a fucking love interest? M: I wanted him to end up with Lisa if he had to end up with anyone because Minmeh was annoying, but the whole kissing in front of aliens thing just seemed weird. M: All right, could be it’s that Lisa is a take-charge woman who didn’t want to be smooshed, or worse, smooched by one of the giant Zentraedi.

Stricter regulations were enforced in Europe (or Holland at least, where I lived) on the other hand.

And yes, I got chocked up seeing Claudia mourning Roy Focker... I downloaded the clips so I can watch them on the tv, lol.andallthatjizz Andava Anders Andou Chikanori Andrey Govno Android 15Android 16Android 17Android 18Android 19Andy Bogard Andy W Hall Ane Death Anegasaki Nene Anemone Anesthesia Anew Returner Anezaki Mamoriangara Angel Angel (Borderlands)Angel (Fairy Tail)Angel (Tekken)Angel (The Big O)Angel (The King Of Fighters)Angel Beats!Angel Blade Angel Blade Punish Angel Pena Angela Angelina Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi Angellove44Angelo Angelox Angewomon Angry Angry Rabbit Gmo DAngy89Ani-Mia Animal Ears Animated Anime Angel Cosplay Animeflux Anira Anita Anivia Anko Anko Koubou Anma Anmitsu Komachi Anmitsuyomogi Ann Anna Anna Henrietta Anna Kokoro Anna Nishikinomiya Anna Williams Anne Bonny Anne Green Annelotte Annerose Vajra Annette Annie Hastur Annie Leonhardt Annosada Ano Hana Anonimasu Another Anotherartistmore Another Josh Anpanman Anri Okita Antelon Antenor Luppi Antiallan Antiheldantumbrae Antuniey Moacir Teodoro Anubis Anya Stroud Anzu Anzu Yamasaki Ao Ao (artist)Ao Madou Ko Ao Madou-Shi Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Ao Usagi Ao AAoba Yamashiro Aoi Aoi Hidaka Aoi Kimi Aoi Matsuri Aoi Nagisa Aoi Shigure Aoi the Wild Aoin Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Aoki Reika Aoki Yuriko Aokihoshi Aokiji Aokura Shou Aono Miki Aono Tsukune Aori Sora Aowa Aoyama Hatsune Aozaki Aoko Aozaki Touko Aozora Stripe Aozoraichi Aphelandra Aphrodite Aphrodite (Precure)apinchofvanilla Apostle Appare! Military Model Model Car Kit Hobby Tool Material/Case Model Train N Model Train HO/Z Diecast Car Anime Goods For Ladies Fashion Doll Toy Mini 4WD Diecast Airplane Trading Card Hobby Magazine Japanese Culture For Men We currently use Japan Post's shipping services "EMS", "SAL Small Packet", and "Registered SAL" for the shipment of orders.There are positives and negatives of each shipping option, so please check here for more details.Clearly separated from the main floor by flashing "18 only" signs and zealous arcade operators, they housed the location's video-poker cabinets, slot machines, and probably their adult titles too.Maybe a testament to the old continent's wiser ways. So it seemed natural for money-hungry companies like "Promat" and "Comad" to try to wedge it into the thriving video game market to squeeze out a couple more quarters from us.Laws and regulations regarding this pseudo genre varied greatly around the world.It's interesting to note the carefree approach most arcade operators took both in North and South America by placing these x-rated cabinets next to regular ones despite the family-oriented environment.Follow him @Thor Hulk Critic and watch his karaoke reality show at D: Major Motoko Kusanagi of GHOST IN THE SHELL apparently will be played by Scarlett Johansson in the live-action adaptation.


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