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Libra woman dating a capricorn man Sexindating net

They commit by nature for efficiency) and they really enjoy the partnership process, believing that “two heads are better than one”.

Each has been waiting their whole life for a faithful (accountable) sidekick almost as if the attainment of one were a rite of passage.

Some Caps are super serious until they get to know you better.

That is a fun challenge for the pleaser and pleasing Libra.

Famous Libra-Capricorn Couples: Dita von Tees and Marilyn Manson, Edith Galt and Woodrow Wilson, Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen Never was a marriage more of a partnership agreement than with these two who work beautifully with one another in tandem toward common goals.

Each sign is good at goal setting and defining areas of responsibility for mutual efforts.

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• Dita von Tees and Marilyn Manson • Edith Galt and Woodrow Wilson • Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen Libra is loaded with much romance but the Capricorn guy lacks a considerable portion of the same.Libra in Love is placating, a balancer and socially extroverted.Capricorn in Love is wary, self-contained and often melancholic.Because of this the outlining of duties can be a bit tense.They will take social obligations with an earnestness approaching fanaticism, keeping careful track of what they did with each couple and what is expected in return.Hence there would be some incompatibility in this area.Also passion would be lacking in the relationship of this duo.Your Libra Sun’s purpose is to find balance and beauty, to socialize and to please.Yet your Mars, which acts to fulfill your Sun’s will, goes about it in a purposeful, pragmatic way, with little concern for feelings as he moves his way to the top.There would be some level of incompatibility between a Libra woman and a Capricorn man in a relationship.Only with better commitment from both the sides can the relationship survive.


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