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In fact, the lonely-looking scenes would probably mean little to most of us.You see a 360 degree view of a forward operating base, a shower trailer, a tent barracks and an observation tower. Yet, Rothbaum says these scenes She says, says "In general people with PTSD have been very avoidant. They don't want to go there, they don't want to think about it. Rothbaum believes military sexual trauma survivors need a safe place to deal with their memories and emotions. The translucent gray of the natural teeth will chan;:e color like one of these old-fashioned interchangeable silk neckties. John Wheeler (Greensboro) : Gentlemen: One phase of porcelain jacket work and this povccian irlay work that has puzzled me so far as the mind of the avera 'e practitioner is concerned, is the supposed insur- mountable dif Txulties attending his work.

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A man is dead after he was shot by a De Kalb County police officer Monday afternoon.

Tucker: It might be two years then before you could get it through. /obnso7i: Why not have it a graduate oral hygienist? All of us are convinced that the solution of this question lies in prevention rather than the cure, and 1 believe the day is not far distant when the public will see the necessity of having regular dental examinations or we will always have the problem of deep-seated caries to contend with. A man should realize before cutting down anterior teeth that it is a serious p;oblem and Proceedings North Carolina Dental Society 59 should know within his own mind whether or not he can carry the case to a successful conclusion. Dentistry is no longer a little profession; it is a big pro- fession and it takes big men to live up to its ideals and stan- dards. Lineherger (Raleigh): We have had several men of the expert type on ceramics and the porcelain jacket work, but I am sure you will agree with me that we are all impressed with this clear, concise, and the conservative manner in which Dr. Probably you didn't get it as 1 did, but all the way through this fellow's paper i was impressed with the fact that he was telling us not what he had read in some book or some other man's paper, but he has given from his very heart what he knew to be the truth in this porcelain situation. President and gentlemen, that we have in North Carolina a man of that type, and I hope the time will continue to come — of course we have had them in the past, 1 don't mean to say we haven't had them in the past — but we want to always have men who can give their own opinions from their hearts as to things they are doing and the things they can depend on and tell us how to do so. We make a white matrix, invest it and cast it, and we say we have a gold inlay.

Walters: We are speaking of commas here, and there is one in the wrong place in that section. Your finished work must defy sunlight and artificial light. Current stresses, 1 think, the fact that the northern light is the best light. You get the maximum expression of color in the natural teeth that you are trying to shade. Current has stressed the point of pulp preservation. Current also mentions the fact of correcting orthodont'c cases with }Our jackets, and rightly stresses the fact that you should be sure to have confidence in your ability to carry these cases to a successful conclusion. 1 can't see that porcelain jacket work is any more difficult than gold inlay work.

Olsen tried unsuccessfully to administer aid, the police chief added.

Regardless of what that investigation uncovers, it appears police have some fence mending to do at the scene.“Now you are scared to call police if you see anything because you don't know what police are going to do.


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