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Each ADR (or ADS as they are sometimes referred to) is a US Certificate representing shares im the UK on the VRP share register.

The ADRs are traded in USD - last night close was .60 which at an exchange rate of 1.30 is the equivalent of £1.50 per AIM share.

est une légende du folklore japonais transmise oralement qui serait à l'origine du bobtail japonais. C'est un chat ayant des pouvoirs surnaturels (tout comme le kitsune ou le tanuki) qu'il acquiert en atteignant l'une (ou plusieurs) de ces caractéristiques : un âge de treize ans, un poids de plus d'un kan (unité de poids japonaise qui correspond environ à 3,5 kg) ou une très longue queue.

Il arrive parfois que celle-ci se divise en deux, faisant alors du bakeneko un nekomata Ce chat fantôme hante son foyer en menaçant la maisonnée et en projetant des boules de feu.

A bit of speculation lol...could we see a sp of £6-£8 in 12 months on sucessful completion of P2 & CF results?

Thinking back to analysts valuation of 19p old money :) would be nice to see us LTH's making a substanial profit after keeping the faith in vrp/554 after all these years......:)This is great platform as always but I believe that after this presentation we will see the share price continue on a pleasant trajectory and that AIM will follow suit riding on the coattails of the NASDAQ. Company Verona Pharma plc TIDM VRPHeadline Verona Pharma to Present at Jefferies 2017 Global Healthcare Conference Released 23-May-2017Number HUG2107066May 23, 2017, LONDON - Verona Pharma plc (AIM: VRP) (NASDAQ: VRNA) ("Verona Pharma"), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialising innovative therapeutics for the treatment of respiratory diseases with significant unmet medical needs, announced today that Jan-Anders Karlsson, Ph D, CEO of Verona Pharma, is scheduled to present at the Jefferies 2017 Global Healthcare Conference.

You can accept this quest the first time you visit the Hunter's Association in Ueno Station, but it's best to be around Level 20 before taking it on.

The demon's domain is located in Central Way, Ueno Tokyo. The mapper app will not be available while exploring the area, so pay attention to the direction you're going. Save before entering, you will be immediately thrown into a boss battle. He knows a few strong attacks, and will regain HP if you use any Elec skills.

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La superstition voulant que de la longueur de la queue du chat dépende son éventuelle transformation en bakeneko, les Japonais prirent l'habitude de leur couper la queue.

The Market Makers will try to keep then in sync as they have the ability to create new ADRs using AIM shares to sell on NASDAQ or split up ADRs in the US and deliver to AIM to sell to UK holders.

If the price diverges too much traders will also try to arbitrage these - buying on one market and selling on another.

I Want to Make the City Bright is both a delivery and demon slaying Challenge Quest.

You must slay a demon in its domain to obtain the item for delivery.


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