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Intimidating shout wow

My Char is a level 60 Tauren warrior called Pangobos. The stat differences have little effect later on in the game.I am currently doing UBRS/scholo/strat baron runs and I will pay good money for 5,6,8 of warlords. -------- Alliance -------- Humans -Perception helps against rogues but as warriors are good against rogues anyway, this doesnÂ’t help too much -The spirit bonus is small and doesnÂ’t help warriors much -The reputation bonus is always nice but nothing special -Sword and mace bonuses help but they become less noticeable at high levels and tend to make players avoid otherwise good axes.Levels in the Wo WRPG warrior count as levels in fighter for meeting feat prerequisites, and any feat a fighter could take as a bonus feat a Wo WRPG warrior could take as a bonus feat.Special: If you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (military tactics), you receive a 2 synergy bonus on checks to send or intercept Battle Language.------CROWD CONTROL DEBUFFS--------- 710 Banish 2094 Blind 33786 Cyclone 605 Dominate Mind 5782 Fear 1499 Freezing Trap 51568 Mesmerize 115078 Paralysis 118 Polymorph 107079 Quaking Palm 20066 Repentance 113724 Ring of Frost 67 Seduction 9484 Shackle Undead 10326 Turn Evil 19386 Wyvern Sting 5484 Howl of Terror 6789 Mortal Coil 5246 Intimidating Shout 8122 Psychic Scream 131556 Sin and Punishment 10326 Turn Evil 123393 Breath of Fire 31661 Dragon's Breath 1776 Gouge 88625 Holy Word: Chastise 137460 Incapacitated 99 Incapacitating Roar 115750 Blinding Light -----IMMUNE TO MAGIC CC BUFFS------- 48707 Anti-Magic Shell 710 Banish 46924 Bladestorm 31224 Cloack of Shadows 33786 Cyclone 19263 Deterrence 642 Divine Shield 8178 Grounding Totem Effect 45438 Ice Block 49039 Lichborne 114028 Mass Spell Reflection 23920 Spell Reflection 108201 Desecrated Ground --------STUN DEBUFFS---------------- 108194 Asphyxiate 89766 Axe Toss 113801 Bash 117526 Binding Shot 119392 Charging Ox Wave 1833 Cheap Shot 44572 Deep Freeze 105593 Fist of Justice 117418 Fists of Fury 120086 Fists of Fury 47481 Gnaw 853 Hammer of Justice 19577 Intimidation 24394 Intimidation 408 Kidney Shot 119381 Leg Sweep 22570 Maim 5211 Mighty Bash 91797 Monstrous Blow 64044 Psychic Horror 118345 Pulverize 163505 Rake 115001 Remorseless Winter 30283 Shadowfury 132168 Shockwave 46968 Shockwave 118905 Static Charge 132169 Storm Bolt 34510 Stun 131402 Stunning Strike 123420 Stunning Strike 20549 War Stomp 103828 Warbringer -----IMMUNE TO STUN BUFFS----------- 710 Banish 46924 Bladestorm 33786 Cyclone 19263 Deterrence 642 Divine Shield 6615 Free Action 1022 Hand of Protection 45438 Ice Block 48792 Icebound Fortitude ---------SILENCE DEBUFFS------------ 28730 Arcane Torrent 25046 Arcane Torrent 69179 Arcane Torrent 31935 Avenger's Shield 114238 Fae Silence 102051 Frostjaw 1330 Garrote - Silence 15487 Silence 18498 Silenced - Gag Order 78675 Solar Beam 47476 Strangulate 31117 Unstable Affliction 47528 Mind Freeze 106839 Skull Bash 147362 Counter Shot 2139 Counterspell 116705 Spear Hand Strike 96231 Rebuke 1766 Kick 57994 Wind Shear 6552 Pummel ------IMMUNE TO SILENCE BUFFS------- 31821 Devotion Aura --------DEFENSIVE BUFFS------------- --------DONT WASTE YOUR BURST------- -------ALL SOURCES-------- 86657 Ancient Guardian 31850 Ardent Defender 22812 Barkskin 19263 Deterrence 118038 Die by the Sword 47585 Dispersion 498 Divine Protection 5277 Evasion 120954 Fortifying Brew 47788 Guardian Spirit 114039 Hand of Purity 6940 Hand of Sacrifice 48792 Icebound Fortitude 102342 Ironbark 12975 Last Stand 33206 Pain Suppression 97463 Rallying Cry 30823 Shamanistic Rage 871 Shield Wall 61336 Survival Instincts 62618 Power Word: Barrier 1966 Feint 76577 Smoke Bomb 108271 Astral Shift 114030 Vigilance 114029 Safeguard 110913 Dark Bargain -------MAGIC SOURCES-------- 48707 Anti-Magic Shell 31224 Cloak of Shadows 51052 Anti-Magic Zone -----PHYSICAL SOURCES------- 74001 Combat Readiness 115308 Elusive Brew 49028 Dancing Rune Weapon -------DAMAGE BURST BUFF------------ -------USE YOUR DEFENSES------------ 114050 Ascendance 114051 Ascendance 107574 Avatar 31884 Avenging Wrath 50334 Berserk 12292 Bloodbath 77801 Dark Soul 12472 Icy Veins 51271 Pillar of Frost 3045 Rapid Fire 1719 Recklessness 5217 Tiger's Fury 10060 Power Infusion -----DAMAGE ABSORPTION SHIELDS------ -----15 SEC OR MORE SHIELDS----- -----ALSO PASSIVE EFFECTS------ -----BETTER DONT CHECK------ 114214 Angelic Bulkwark 77535 Blood Shield 169373 Boulder Shield 152118 Clarity of Will 115635 Death Barrier 47753 Divine Aegis 115295 Guard 11426 Ice Barrier 86273 Illuminated Healing 1463 Incanter's Flow 108008 Indomitable 116849 Life Cocoon 17 Power Word: Shield 65148 Sacred Shield 108416 Sacrificial Pact 112048 Shield Barrier 173260 Shieldtronic Shield 108366 Soul Leech 114908 Spirit Shell 145441 Yu'Ion's Barrier -------SPECIFIC CASES--------------- 6346 Fear Ward (fear cc immune) 5487 Bear Form (polymorph cc immune) 768 Cat Form (polymorph cc immune) 111264 Ice Ward (3 melee hit trigger frost nova,last 30 sec) 111397 Blood Horror (fear on melee hit, 1 charge,last 60 sec) 71 Defensive Stance (warrior stance, 20% less damage) 115295 Guard (monk tank shield) 115176 Zen Meditation (monk, 90 % less damage, melee hit cancel effect) 51713 Shadow Dance (rogue, allow stealth abilities)The fact i am posting this on OC is somewhat ironic but here goes: Due to more people reporting players for PVP cheating than pve cheating.Due to the fact: PVP rotations actively destroy gameplay and impedes at another players (real person's) gaming experience.

------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- | Advantages of being a warrior | Disadvantages of being a warrior | ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- |ItÂ’s usually easy to find instance |Some people whisper you with group | |groups because every group needs a |invites without checking where you | |tank. | |Armour drops that you need are only |You have no transport abilities until| |ever needed by you, shamans (up to |you get a mount. These classes |Being equipment heavy means you need | |are relatively uncommon in Pv E groups.|to replace equipment regularly.Ron: Well like they say nothing says loving like something from the oven. Now in this case, there’s really only these 4 screws that are holding this in. Ron: I’m cutting these wires to the old oven, because the new one comes with it’s own wires.The only thing I can think of that might shout more loving, is in fact a brand new oven. Ron: Okay bye oven, I’m sorry Lynn isn’t here, I’m sure she’d shed a tear right now.Benefit: When you score a critical hit against an opponent in melee, you also cause a bleeding wound.The opponent takes 2 points of damage next round and each round thereafter from blood loss.Warriors can select Battle Shout as one of their warrior bonus feats.Benefit: When you are the target of a spell, you may disrupt the casting and counter its effects.These are not the only feats found in the World of Warcraft Role Playing Game.In addition to the feats found below, The Wo WRPG also has most of the SRD Feats.World of Warcraft Warrior Guide (\/)This is bunny (oo)He is the closest thing I can make to ASCII art (o)o)This is why the title is plain text --------------- Version History --------------- V1.0: Guide started v1.01: Guide submitted with the margins fixed v1.1: 29/05/06 Improved layout and put contact details at the start of the guide Updated legal info so sites that advertise gold canÂ’t use the guide Added guide for shamans and updated some others. What race -------------- As warriors can be any race, I would recommend picking your favourite race without worrying about the abilities.Began the equipment section Added the universal aggro macro Began adding the date to updates If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for this guide, E-mail [email protected] If you want to contact me in Wo W, I am on Chromaggus server, on the horde. However, if you really care about having racials that help your class then all the races and what is good about them is here.


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