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Intimidating baby names

I am working on a spinoff type thing of the Mortal Instruments.

These names have been rising in popularity since the release of the first film, Twilight.

I would like a name that is demonic/biblical and hopefully Hebrew or English, that is unisex or female, that has an intimidating short nickname that also has some sort of biblical or dark meaning.

Calixte - Cal is kinda what I want, but I was hoping for better. Edit: The long version and possibly the short version should be elegant and commanding, and demand respect.

And one of the great joys of this period of anticipation is brainstorming all kinds of kick-ass names for your offspring.

But be warned: The power that comes with naming a child can be both intimidating and addictive, and we are currently in the throes of a child-naming crisis here in America. Wannabe elitist parents keep trying to one-up each other, as if a uniquely horrible name serves as some kind of guarantee against little Aston Martin growing up to be merely ordinary.


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