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[Video] []Abstract: Features interviews with two adolescent survivors of sexual assault.

"Gonna Make It." Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape 2002. [Video] []Abstract: By Jackson Katz and Jean Kilbourne. [Video] []Abstract: Television documentary about an acquaintance rape prevention program developed by the rape crisis center, Alternatives to Fear, in Seattle. "The Prosecution of Rohypnol and GHB Related Sexual Assaults." In: APRI. [Video] []Abstract: Guide for prosecutors and law enforcement officers on the effective, victim-centered investigation and prosecution of drug-facilitated sexual assaults., .

According to Illinois law: For additional information on specific legal definitions of Criminal Sexual Assault, Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault, Criminal Sexual Abuse and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse in Illinois, visit: Sexual assault is also considered a violation of the SIUE Student Conduct Code, the SIU Board of Trustees, and SIUE Sexual Harassment Policies.

Violation of such policies will subject individuals to University disciplinary action.

Sexual assault is further defined as forced sexual intercourse, sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.

institution's obligation to include an amnesty provision that provides immunity to any student who reports, in good faith, an alleged violation of the higher education institution's comprehensive policy to a responsible employee, as defined by federal law, so that the reporting student will not receive a disciplinary sanction by the institution for a student conduct violation, such as underage drinking, that is revealed in the course of such a report, unless the institution determines that the violation was egregious, including without limitation an action that places the health or safety of any other person at risk.institution's prohibition on retaliation against those who, in good faith, report or disclose an alleged violation of the comprehensive policy, file a complaint, or otherwise participate in the complaint resolution procedure and available sanctions for individuals who engage in retaliatory conduct.(a) On or before August 1, 2016, upon being notified of an alleged violation of the comprehensive policy by or on behalf of a student, each higher education institution shall, at a minimum, provide the survivor, when identified, with a concise notification, written in plain language, of the survivor's rights and options, including without limitation:protective measures and accommodations for survivors, including without limitation changes to academic, living, dining, working, and transportation situations, obtaining and enforcing a campus-issued order of protection or no contact order, if such protective measures and accommodations are reasonably available, and an order of protection or no contact order in State court;(b) Within 12 hours after receiving an electronic report, the higher education institution shall respond to the electronic reporter and, at a minimum, provide the information described in subdivisions (1) through (6) of subsection (a) of this Section and a list of available resources.

The higher education institution may choose the manner in which it responds including, but not limited to, through verbal or electronic communication.

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