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Ibis world online dating

In a 2015 survey, Pew Research Center found that 15 percent of Americans had tried online dating.As Valentine’s Day approaches and Americans search for love, online dating could spark some intriguing business and money stories.Despite still facing the occasional naysayer, the Internet and dating have proved to be a match made in heaven.With consumers using the Internet more and more each year, demand for online dating services continues its meteoric rise.

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IBISWorld, a global business intelligence leader specializing in Industry Market Research and Procurement and Purchasing research reports, recently put together a comprehensive guide to the online dating industry's market size and growth prospects.Analyst Jeremy Edwards predicts IAC's US Match revenue will rise 11.5% to 5.1 million this year, with operating income up 14% to 2.8 million.Coming solidly in second place is e Harmony, a privately held company based out of Santa Monica, CA.Here’s a look at three online dating trends to consider.Last year, e Harmony launched a jobs site called Elevated Careers.As smartphone adoption rises, the mobile online dating business has continued to boom.In fact, IBISWorld reports that its annual revenue sits at billion a year in the United States, with annual growth just shy of 5 percent between 20.Talk to local tech experts or business professors about whether this approach is likely to work, whether they foresee other dating sites following suit and why.TV ads for Christian singles and other niches seem to be proliferating, so perhaps exploring niche online dating sites and especially those that are popular in your neck of the woods or based locally could be fodder for a story.A quarter of all Canadians (ages 18-34) have tried online dating and 16% report they have had sex with someone they met online.For women, online dating statistics show that a woman's desirability online peaks at 21.


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