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' ' says Sarah, who lives with her partner Alex, 49, in South Croydon, Surrey.'Though my partner likes my fuller figure, it impacts on my life and my choice of clothes.Blouses are a definite no-no as buttons gape and I look too chesty.Queer women are rejoicing at the twitter hint that The L Word, the hit show that followed the lives of a group of L. " with the twitter handles of the majority of the cast.

I will never forget during my attempt to find ‘something special for my wedding night’, how one particular luxury underwear brand’s moody saleswoman spoke to me when I dared to inquire if their basques came in a cup size larger than a B.

Further energizing the already excited fans, Kate Moennig, the actor who played Shane, the dreamboat who sparked many a young queer ladies' sexual awakening, tweeted back her excitement. Read more When she was just 17, Alynda Segarra ran away from her home in the Bronx.

Since then, she’s been a rambler, frequently on the road playing her unique combination of folk, Americana, and roots rock.

Now 30, Segarra is reckoning with where she came from on The Navigator, the newest full-length album from her band Hurray For The Riff Raff.

It tells the story of a character named Navita Milagros Negrón, a teen girl from the streets adrift in a rapidly gentrifying city.


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