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Loyola High School of Los Angeles is a Jesuit preparatory school for young men.It is the oldest high school and continuously run educational institution in Southern California.PHS is notable for its high academic standards and strong arts programs that rival many of the nation's private schools.The school consistently ranks amongst the top open-admissions public high schools in the state concerning SAT scores, and was ranked first in the state amongst open-admissions schools in 2009. Kagome ruled one half of the school, while Kouga ruled the other.There was just one tiny problem though, Kouga and Kagome were, mortal enemies.

At that time, the Jesuits purchased additional property to house the college and separate facilities were acquired for Loyola Law School just west of downtown Los Angeles.

In 1917 the school moved to its current location on Venice Boulevard after the copper magnate and Irish philanthropist Thomas P. The college was renamed Loyola College the following year, in honor of St.

Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus.

The survey will be open from April 24signify an Excused Absence/Tardy.

Teachers will be marking students absent as they are arriving after 10% of the class has been completed per School Board Policy.


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