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If you choose not to sign up with Gravatar, the default icon set by the Administrator appears next to your name.

Providing your users with avatars has become a convention in web-publishing.

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In the file, you need to find the following code: Simply change the size to whatever dimensions you like.

Enabling Gravatars on your Word Press site simplifies the process for everyone involved.

While it is possible to use a Word Press Plugin to manage user avatars on your Word Press-run site, using Gravatars on your site makes less work for both you and your site’s users.

Here’s a quick screen capture of a recent comment on the blog.

Setting up your gravatar is actually very simple once you know how! Until you want to change the picture that is 😉 Go to and enter your email that you use into the box. It’s free and if you have a wordpress blog you can use this for Akismet spam registration later too. It will take you to a new screen and ask if you would like to go back to gravatar.


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