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As some of you may know, singer Kelly Rowland and her manager, Devyne Stephens, parted ways last week.According to an industry insider, Kelly’s boyfriend, Tim Weatherspoon, made her fire Devyne. K., Kelly wasn’t as popular here in the states as she was when she sang backup for Beyoncé in Destiny’s Child. But, according to my rock solid source, Kelly and Tim have been together for a couple of years. Although a contract dispute previously divided the two, Stephens said they resolved their issues back in 2015.But the former business partner has yet to see any cut of the nearly 0 million he claims to be owed from his share of royalties, touring rights and record sales dating back to 2006.He says their contract gives him a cut of record sales, touring rights, royalties and more. (TMZ)“It’s almost like you have to treat politics like how you treat your children.Akon’s old pal admits they had a dispute over the contract, but says they squashed it in 2015. There’s just a lot of information that they just don’t need to know.

The 10 bedroom, 9.5-bathroom, 14,994 square foot home was purchased in February of 2007 for .685 million, according to public records, by his music manager, Darrick Stephens a.k.a Devyne Stephens.It seems that Weatherspoon (pictured at right and below with her) didn’t get along with Devyne, who celebrated his 40th birthday in grand style last night in Atlanta (more on that later). Industry insiders believe Kelly Rowland’s renewed popularity in the U. is the reason why her boyfriend pushed for Kelly to dump Devyne. According to TMZ , Akon has a rocky relationship with former business partner, Devyne Stephens, who is claiming he is owed 40% of the Konvict Muzik man’s fortune.According to reports, ‘Kon’s longtime pal Devyne Stephens believes he’s owed millions dating back to 2006.Stephens is the music exec who famously helped launch Akon’s career, and his Konvict Music label — and in a new lawsuit he says he’s supposed to be getting 40% of everything Akon’s earned since 2006.They say whatever happens in Dreamland stays in Dreamland.The ultra modern, Sandy Springs mansion is co-owned by music moguls Akon and Devyne Stephens.Obama was very good at that because he understood how to deal with world affairs without involving the public in areas where they need to overthink things or assume things.Whereas, Trump’s coming into it wanting people to know he’s tough from day one and he’s giving out too much information too quick.With the sheer size of the lawsuit, it surely won’t be settled for some time so stay tuned for more details.As of now, Akon better pay up or he may actually find himself Locked Up.


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