Dating valco guitars

These amps are somewhat unusual in modern times because they implement octal preamp tubes, whereas later amplifiers leading right up to present times use miniature noval preamp tubes.

Zinky himself had used the Supro name for a series of amps beginning in 2005 from his company, Zinky Electronics.

I use vintage correct parts whenever possible, and carry in stock: tubes, transformers, carbon comp resistors, tube sockets and most any part needed to get your amp in top shape and back to spec.

I don’t recone speakers, or carry new replacements here, but can normally get them in quickly if needed.

They also made amplifiers under contract for several other companies such as Gretsch, Harmony, and Kay.

In the 1950s they began producing solid body electric guitars.

The company name was a combination of the three partner's first initials (V. L.) plus the common abbreviation for company (Co.) Valco manufactured Spanish acoustic guitars, metal-bodied resonator guitars, electric lap steel guitars, and vacuum tube amplifiers under a variety of brand names including Supro, Airline, Oahu, and National.

This screamer is paired with a rare blue Tolex Supro 1624t amp.” Valco In many ways, Valco’s story is a classic American tale of reinvention, which is to say that separating fact from fiction is difficult and possibly pointless.

We do know this much: Before there was Valco, there was the National Stringed Instrument Corp., a California-based manufacturer of resonator guitars dating back to the ’20s, and the Dobro Manufacturing Co.

Before we wade in, please note that National Dobro and subsequently Valco, more than most other manufacturers, were notorious for putting together guitars with parts left around.

This, combined with the fact that they routinely used components (especially bodies) provided by other manufacturers, means that you are likely to find instruments with details inconsistent with catalog descriptions, and they may just be Kosher.


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