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Watch Neon Trees Discuss Their Roots "I don't know what the rumors are, but we're not taught that 'homos are going to hell' on Sunday in church," he says.

"Mostly it's just about Christ and his teachings." Glenn lives about 15 minutes outside of town in a cookie-cutter three-bedroom rental, where he spends most of his time either cooking or watching TV.

He strides a few doors down to the city's other club, Muse, to check out a rapper in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get-up called Atheist.

All evening, Glenn can't make it more than 10 paces without someone, usually a giggling, polite, teenage blonde, asking for a photo. Neon Trees are the city's biggest export, a New Wave-pop powerhouse with two double-platinum singles, a Buick commercial and a couple of big covers.

I was being called a fag because I was wearing tight pants and looked a certain way,” he says.

“If I had been in a more confident spot I definitely would have addressed it.”The 2013 version of the singer is definitely more confident about who he is.

He hasn’t hid the fact that there are songs about being gay on the new album, but he also admits that one of his past songs, “Teenage Sounds,” has a gay message as well.

But, perched on a black sectional couch in his living room, Glenn says that he still identifies as a Mormon.As such, in 2008, The Killers invited the band to open for them during their North American tour.Neon Trees released their first full-length album, Habits, in 2010.Tyler Aaron Glenn (born November 28, 1983) is an American singer, songwriter, and musician.He is known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the American rock band Neon Trees and as a solo artist. (drummer for The Killers), who knew Campbell from a previous band, saw Neon Trees playing at a small venue in Las Vegas and was impressed.Strangely, one of the few steps in music-funding evolution that few fans seem to mind is bands getting together with brands.Whether it’s Lady Gaga working with Polaroid or Hot Topic sponsoring legions of shitty emo bands, people seem to be pretty okay with the endorsements and product placements that have crept into the fabric of popular music. In most cases, the answers are far less glamorous than you might expect: It’s some combination of survival and paying off the insane advances their labels have given them.He admits to finding masculine men attractive (“I think Morrissey is sexy”) and opens up about the trials of dating online now that he’s come out.“I deleted the apps that I had on my phone because people probably know a little bit more about who I am, and I don't want nudes leaking,” he says, laughing.rovo, Utah, is home to 112,000 people, 61 Mormon churches, four coffee shops, two music clubs – and, on this crisp Friday evening in February, one bleached-blond pop singer enjoying a rare night on the town.Listen to Neon Trees' "Sleeping With a Friend" Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees gleams like a fluorescent highlighter as he emerges from the city's largest rock venue, Velour, wearing a long green coat that's the color and texture of a tennis ball, plus a Freddie Mercury T-shirt and leather pants.


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