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Bellevaux becomes a pottery merchant and during one of his trips he meets one of Pierre Bousquet’s daughters, to whom he marries in 1731.Similar to Limoges, which is a region in France rather than a brand, Quimper (pronounced "kem-pair") doesn't refer to simply one factory or maker that produced faience (tin-glazed) wares. I've been dealing in antique Quimper, Malicorne, Desvres and other French faience for many years, and offer pieces dating from 1875 to 1940.It has taken me a while to post the new offerings shown here because my husband and I recently moved from Washington, DC to Denver to be closer to family living here and in San Diego.And, now back by popular demand, Lady Clare's Quimper Placemats, Coasters, Tea Trays & Waste Paper Bins.

Painting Quimper is a true folk art, which has been passed down for generations.In fact, it usually has the overall look and feel of folk art rather than finely crafted pottery.These pieces are often used in the French country style of decorating.Redecorate your kitchen in Breton style with Quimper Faience Tiles and adorn your cabinets with truly unique Furniture Knobs.Enliven your living or bedroom with the Lamp Collection.Some particular features show up in many Quimper designs.For instance, collectors often use the term Breton Broderie to reference the blue and gold pattern inspired by embroidery decorating costumes of this region.Other objects are transported to the colonies from Lorient. Pierre and Charles start working together and produce pipes and pottery, until Charles dies of the plague he got during a visit at the South of France.Pierre Bellevaux, son of a merchant from Nevers, learns the trade of pottery decorator from his uncle Edme Serrurier, who lives in Rouen.Golf enthusiasts will love Henriot's Golf Plates & Accessories.And celebrate a birth or marriage with the Personalized Baby Lug Bowls or Marriage Plates.


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