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in which we see the giant ape eating a human and are then shown a close-up of someone munching on a sandwich.In IMAX 3D, the latter image is just as disquieting as the former.This may be a big budget summer action movie but the filmmakers’ tongues are very firmly in their cheeks. ” an exasperated politician asks the scientists from the secretive Monarch operation as they try to chisel out yet more government funding for their latest expedition.It is worth remembering that when the original (now acknowledged as a classic) was first released in 1933, critics called it “a super goofy yarn about a 50ft ape who goes for a five-foot blonde”.

Their bust-up provoked some of Hollywood’s most memorable insults . John Legend, pictured with her crooner husband on Jan.10, slapped Katie with one last tweet by writing: 'Own it.The two recognize each other — they were friends in college, yet fell out years ago after some unidentified incident.They dance around the obvious class disparity between them, though each manage to get in a few cutting comments, and part ways.The duo’s amicable beginning lasted hours before the knives were out.Davis was outraged that Crawford was trying to win the hearts and minds of the crew by sending them gifts and notes, and sent a note of her own telling Crawford to “Get off the c**p!Hollywood's greatest cat fight, which raged for more than 30 years between legendary divas Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, is being revived in a major new TV series.Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange will bring to life the sworn enemies’ wonderfully vicious, claws-out feud in a lavish £28 million production coming to British screens this year.The scene opens on a ritzy New York dinner party, as a crowd of defense contractors toast to the lucrative new deals they’re about to sign now that a recently-elected American president has declared a new war on “the Middle East.” Veronica (Sandra Oh), the bored, borderline-alcoholic trophy wife of one of the contractors, moseys over to the wine bar despite having promised her husband she would stay sober for the party.Behind the bar is Ashley (Anne Heche), a starving artist moonlighting as a caterer for the night.


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