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There's something subversive and thrilling about a woman with a cigar.But, let's not forget, there's also something daft about them too, because smoking is bad for you.She smiles back but doesn’t speak – words would only complicate a perfect moment.Your humidor is beside you, and you take out the special cigar you’ve been saving for a perfect moment.An unhealthy habit that whispers of closed doors and secret deals is enjoying an unlikely resurgence.Women smoke cigars now – at least, they do if you ask London's top-flight hotels.Noting the marked difference and you will know the choice of cigar over cigarette.

Admittedly, there is nothing more sexy than watching a woman enjoying a fine smoke as a means of calming her nerves and at the same time amplifying her symbol of accomplishments for all to admire.

Not only has Rihanna recently been spotted smoking a cigarillo, but some of the greatest female icons have made it their signature.

Novelists George Sand and Radclyffe Hall took a stand against the establishment with a blunt clamped between their teeth, while Marlene Dietrich and Madonna have both tried out the look.

The growing popularity and international appeal of Sexy Women Smoke Cigars: A Sexy, Sensual Guide to Cigars and the Women Who Love Them is a growing trend across all borders with more women stepping out of traditional norms and stepping up to fine tobacco.

It is a reflection of ladies stepping into the lavish lifestyle of taking charge of their lives and in many cases, surpassing their male counterparts.


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