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Can dating ultrasound be wrong

Most babies never come on the exact due date anyways. Don't worry so much about when your baby is coming and just relax and enjoy getting ready for your little bundle of joy. Having an ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy can be a thrilling experience. Bear in mind that you may need a second ultrasound before you know for certain if all is well.Experience We've all heard the old joke about the baby girl being called a boy because she had the umbilical cord between her legs, but there is truth to the topic in that an inexperienced sonographer can make a mistake.An experienced sonographer can too, but they are less frequent.Most dating scans are done with a trans-abdominal transducer and a fullish bladder.

I was sent for a dating ultrasound because I could not remember the date of my LMP. the doctor originally told me 10 before the ultrasound.

When they did my ultrasound I wasn't that far along and had to go back for a second ultrasound to be able to measure to get my due date. Early ultrasounds are around 90% accurate as LMP is only about 60% accurate. Unless you only had sex once in the month then you'll never know for sure But it's only a week, It shouldn't matter much anyway.

I've heard many a mom say, that baby simply wouldn't show off for the sonographer.

You will find out as your pregnancy progresses that your due date will change several times.

Your doctor will give you a date at the beginning and you will probably have at least 2 ultrasounds done at the hospital that will give you an estimated date as your pregnancy gets further along.


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