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Barling pipes dating

I have smoked thin-walled pipes, and if the wood is good, the pipe gets no hotter than a thick-walled pipe.

Because the rim isstill round, it is quite possible that this pipe started out as thin-walled.

I had to have that pipe, and so I bought the package.

I smoked the pipe of course, but didn’t like it much. And Ireallydidn’t like the shiny surface of that pipe.

Thestem is replacement, without a dot, so you know the old ownerliked this pipe for its smoking properties, not for the snob appeal(which is why I all my Dunhills have dots). Shape # is 51091 &the draw is wide-open and the nomenclature clear & crisp.

Much of the nom-enclature is covered by the repair band, but that which is visibleis also legible, so I'm confident about the age of the pipe. A group 5 in very good condition, with slight wear on the inner rim and one tooth mark onthe bottom of the stem. This is one of Bill Taylor's beauties and will stand in commemoration of his talents and his legacy to us.

In the 1500s, European explorers returned home from the New World laden with tobacco and Native American pipes.

At first, pipe makers copied these designs, but pipes quickly evolved into the recognizable shapes that we know today.

These early smokers burned indigenous tobacco in clay or stone platform pipes, so named for their flat bases.

& you haven't found a birth year pipe, this may be your last chance. Whatever "3X" might mean on paper, in the reality of my fist, it means Grp. Am I imagining things, or does the Apple shape, when done well, suggest "smoke me" more strongly than other pipes?

All that remains is for you to find an old Barling's stem with logo somewhat intact.

So grabbed some sandpaper and took that shine right off. After all it was a pipe, and to my twelve year old mind pipes should look.

Not at all satisfied with my workmanship I went out and bought another pipe- this time without the tobacco.


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