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They sneak out of Chyna's house to attend the party after Fletcher makes wax copies of them.in case you missed it: Cole gives Fletcher tickets to the Knicks/Bulls game at Madison Square Garden, Olive agrees to go to Cat's boss' dinner party without consulting Fletcher, Fletcher asks Olive if he could go to the basketball game and Olive says no and tells him about the dinner party. Madison Square Garden(Fletcher and Cole are sitting at the game)Cole: Oh man, the Knicks are doing pretty good. (Imitating Olive) Interesting factoid about dinner parties is that you get to mingle with your friends. Fletcher: Yep, she definitely bought it.(At the dinner party)Olive: Wow, the food looks good. They are middle school students in a gifted education program called the "Advanced Natural Talent" (or "A. During the school musical auditions, Chyna sings horribly and gives a speech to Mr. He agrees with the speech and she gets the lead roll.

However, she makes things better by singing "Dynamite". Program, but Chyna levels it down to three months of grounding.

And finally Fletcher comes up with a plan to ditch the dinner party and go to the basketball game with Cole by lying to Olive. I remember the last time Chyna and I threw a dinner party was when we were trying to break-up Graham and Olive so she could really see how mean Graham is.

Now today, will Olive find out that Fletcher went to the basketball game and there will be some tension between Fletcher and Olive. Cole: Instead, he broke up with her because she yelled at you using incorrect grammar. Her mother yelled at her father for using incorrect grammar.

high's internet access is shut down, but the ants use their advanced skills to help students find information they would normally get online.

was disappointed and furious with chyna when she didn't pick fletcher to be on their team in scavantger hunt.


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