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Aish dating questions

James Besser, the New York Jewish Week columnist, writes: "The supersite, Aish.com, reacting to the blinding speed of changes on the web, [produces] results that will turn most other Jewish content providers green with envy..." features include: Aish.com's impact has been far and wide.A recent survey found that 86% of readers said that has inspired them to do more Torah learning, and 75% said that has led them to increased affiliation with Jewish organizations or increased attendance at synagogue.I would like to address the more specific issue which is bothering you – the notion that the Kohen has a “superior” status over other Jews, and the corresponding “inferior” status of the Jews they may not marry.A Kohen’s superior status stems from his privilege and obligation to serve in the Temple.Originally the Temple service was to be performed by the firstborns – whom God acquired rights over by sparing them in the Plague of the Firstborn.However, they were later replaced by the Kohanim (pl.

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If you live in Israel you can find and meet Jewish girls pretty much anywhere.

Since its launch in February 2000, has become the world's largest Jewish content website, logging over a million monthly user sessions with 380,000 unique email subscribers.

We've published over 10,000 articles -- on career, dating, parenting, spirituality, Israel events -- offering "wisdom for living" for the modern world.

(I guess there are more non-Jews out there.) Are they wrong for treating me this way, or am I? Hillary in Atlanta Our answer begins with a question you must answer. This has nothing to do with how religiously observant you are; it has to do with how you define yourself in terms of your history, your culture, your spiritual beliefs and your relationship to God.

We see that you feel a connection to Judaism from the fact that you clicked onto this website!


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