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A further 140 primary school students were added to the group, meeting twice a week as part of a program to ease the transition of from primary to secondary school.Over the years, the program and its participants have won many awards and prizes, and have attracted a great deal of favourable attention from both schools and communities.program began in 2001 at Jeanne-Mance secondary school in Montreal.The program was initiated in response to the concerns of psychosocial service providers who were having difficulty making contact with certain young people with serious problems, including those from underprivileged multi-ethnic areas. The team involved in the program takes advantage of the adolescent development period when children are forming their identities to focus its actions on students' needs and their living environment.

How about four different champions in four years of the event? Clair won the event for the first time with an impr...Updated: 12/30/2013 PM EST She says she is driven by challenges. So, Melissa Szkola has set her sights on the ultimate. Szkola, of Chesterfield Township, is rated one of the top six female...Updated: 12/27/2013 PM EST Veteran Algonac basketball coach Dan Matzka is taking it one day at a time on and off the court. Motte got a taste of reaching the pinnacle of college hockey and hes got his heart set on reliving that experience. Clair, is the starting goalie for the Ferris State Bulldogs. Updated: 12/26/2013 PM EST It was quite a weekend for the Richmond wrestling program, one that coach Brandon Day believes will pay big dividends. There's not too much swearing (though some soundtrack song lyrics include infrequent use of "s--t" and "f--k"), but expect some violence (a man punches another, a car hits a woman head-on, and a character shoots another) and sexuality. The movie is true to the book, featuring scenes with lots of drinking -- often to excess -- and smoking.Given the relevance and success of the program, the Foundation decided to support it, seeing it as another way to fight dropping out and promote healthy lifestyle habits.The program has three main components: During the 2012-2013 school year, the program took on 112 students (39 girls and 73 boys) who were divided into groups based on their age, sex, athletic criteria, social needs and degree of motivation to participate in the program.Updated: 12/20/2013 AM EST Brendon Kay talked to the Marine City Mariners a day before their football state championship game about finishing what they had started.This weekend the 2008 Marine City graduate will finish a me..." /The film's underlying message is pretty bleak: People, especially privileged people with no perspective, can be rotten.But, in a way, it also celebrates those who continue to hold hope, even in the face of cynicism.


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